As you get ready to start planning your expo stands for 2019, here are some tips to make sure you maximise ROI and achieve optimum results for your business.  Being clear on your objectives not only helps you to track objectives but will help your designer deliver sterling work.

  • Plan for the show and set clear goals

What is the aim of you partaking in the exhibition and what do you want to get out of it? Do you want to create brand awareness? Are there giveaways for new potential customers? Are you building your database or are you selling to visitors? Being very clear on your goals will help the designer understand how best to create a space that caters to your business needs.

  • Define your target market  

Be sure that you are clear on who your client is and understand how to "talk" to them with the various elements on your stand. What are their wants and needs and what is likely to capture their attention? Take psychographics into account to really grasp what makes them tick i.e. attitudes, interests, lifestyle, etc.

  • The customer experience

Once you are clear on your goals and the mindset of your customer or desired target market, setting the experience becomes easier to visualise.  How people experience your stand is very important to create a lasting impression. Human contact should never be underestimated and well-trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff can really make a massive difference to how a visitor experiences the time spent at your stand.

  • Technology

This is where your expo stand can really come to life! There are so many ways of enhancing the visitor experience with the use of technology. It can also create a new dimension when trying to showcase massive machinery and to get people to "play" or interact with your products. Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, iPads, holograms… the list is endless.  Think outside the box and maximise these great tools to do demos or to tell a story.

  • Set the tone

Now that you have all the elements from the points above in place, it should be a breeze to set the tone and see your vision for your stand come together.  Be bold, try some new things and this will help you stand out from your competition. Creating a strong and memorable impression on visitors will reinforce what your brand values are and will ensure that your brand lives beyond the expo in the consumers' mind.